ProSil is a bioavailable silicon-containing formulation that motivates crop growth, thereby increasing crop yields. The product mechanically and biochemically strengthens the plant tissues, due to the storage of silicon in layers of the epidermis in both on fruit organs and plant vegetative structures, increases their resistance, and the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and cereal tissues. ProSil also increases the plant’s resistance to biological stresses (insects, mites, fungal diseases).

Method of Use

For all field and horticultural crops, greenhouse cultivation 2-3 liters/hectare for foliar application, 5-6 liters/hectare for drip application, 1- 3 times during the growing season. For fruit trees, nut trees, citrus and olive trees, grapevines 1.5- 3 liters/1000 liters water for foliar applications or 4-6 liters/hectares for drip application during the growing season.


توضیحات تکمیلی

Potassium (K2O)


Soluble silicon (SiO2):