Prosol 15-5-30

Prosol is a series of water-soluble NPKs that contain different ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium along with trace elements including iron, zinc and manganese, which are designed based on the needs of the plant at different stages of growth and for all horticultural and Crop products. This product can be used as foliar spraying, fertilizer irrigation and soil application.
Prosol 30-5-15 fertilizer contains high percentage of potassium along with nitrogen and phosphorus and micronutrients. Adequate potassium is critical for achieving higher quality yields for agricultural products. In addition to the main role of potassium in ensuring greater yield and increasing fruit quality, this element plays an important role in general plant health and drought resistance. This product destined to be used as of fruit/tuber set and during fruit development until maturation stages.

Method of Use

Fruit trees & Greenhouse 2-6 Kg/1000 L (Foliar) / 10-40 Kg /Ha (Fertigation) Crops 2-5 Kg/1000 L (Foliar) / 10-30 Kg /Ha (Fertigation)


توضیحات تکمیلی

Total Nitrogen (N)


Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5)


Potassium Oxide (K2O )


Iron (Fe)


Zinc (Zn)


Manganese (Mn)