VICTORIA is a super concentrated seaweed extract, obtained from Ascophyllum nodosum. VICTORIA is a bio stimulant recommended for all kinds of applications but is especially effective during critical growth stages and to overcome environmental stress situations.
liquid extract, completely soluble, containing vitamins, antioxidants, pigments, macro and micronutrients, alginates, polyphenols, amino acids, etc. The cold extraction process makes VICTORIA an innovative and unique bio stimulant especially recommended to stimulate germination, sprouting, lowering, fruit set and maturation, to improve plant adaptation after transplanting and to overcome salinity stress and other environmental stress conditions.

Method of Use

Foliar application : 150-300 ml/100 L of water per application. Do not apply more than 3 L/ha and application, do not overdose. Application in trees and bushes: At sprouting, pre-flowering, fruit set and first stages of fruit development. Horticulture and leguminous crops: At 2-4 leaves stage or 1 week after transplanting-flowering, fruit set and first stages of fruit development. Leaf vegetables: At 2-4 leaves stage or 1 week after transplanting and every 2 weeks. Bulb, root or tuber vegetables : At 2-4 leaves stage and 1 or 2 more applications every 2 weeks. Nurseries and to enhance seed germination: maximum concentration 0.15% (150 ml/100 L of water). Special application for fruit set stimulation: 2-4 x 1.5-2 L/ha, apply before and after flowering. During stress to avoid growth arrests: 1-2 L/ha every two weeks. Reduce salinity stress: 1.5-2L/ha, weekly applications through drip irrigation. Spray to dry foliage to get greater efficacy. It is recommended to use a minimum volume of 150-200 L of water/ha of the mixture to ensure optimum cover of the surface of the leaf. Foresee 3 to 4 hours without rain after treatment, to ensure an optimal penetration. Fertigation/drip irrigation: 1-2 L/ha with repeated applications every two weeks to maintain extended


توضیحات تکمیلی

Seaweed extract


Total (N) Nitrogen


Potassium (K₂O)


Total organic (C) Carbon.